Privileges can be granted to other users and who is allowed to grant what to whom can be controlled via the implementation of a couple site level callables. It defaults to a wide-open system. In other words, no restrictions on anyone granting any of their privileges to any other user in the site.

Grants are an entirely optional feature. Simply don’t add the urls and the feature will be inaccessible to users.


To add grants to your site, you are essnetially just exposing the UI to your users to be able to create and manage their grants. The simplest form of enabling granting is:

url(r"^privileges/", include("privileges.urls")),

This will add four urls to your url configuration:

  • privileges_grant_list
  • privileges_grant_create
  • privileges_grant_update
  • privileges_grant_delete

These all take username as a kwarg and the update and delete urls also take the pk of the grant objecct. You might want to link to this pages under an account settings interface for the user in your site somewhere.


context:grants_list, username

This view will display the user’s grants and the requesting user has to either match the usenrame or be a superuser. It will render a template stored at privileges/grant_list.html and a default template that exiends site_base.html has been included in this package.


context:form, username

This view handles the form display and POST handling to create new grants.


kwargs:username, pk
context:form, grant, username

This view handles the form display and POST handling to update existing grants.


kwargs:username, pk
context:form, grant, username

This view handles the form display and POST handling to delete grants.


There are two callables that you can define in your site and configure via settings. They currently default to:

PRIVILEGES_PRIVILEGE_LIST_CALLABLE = "privileges.grants._privilege_list"
PRIVILEGES_GRANTEE_LIST_CALLABLE = "privileges.grants._grantee_list"

These should be callables that are importable within the context of your site. Futhermore, they are expected to have the following argspecs:

privilege_list(grantor, grantee=None)

grantee_list(grantor, privilege=None)

Where grantor and grantee are auth.User objects, and privilege is a privileges.Privilege object.

These functions are what control the options in the privileges.forms.GrantForm that validate and allow the creation of new grants by users of your site.

These functions currently return all privileges and all users (excluding only the grantor from the list), so it is wide open by default, and is up to you to implement the business rules for how these lists should be constrained.

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